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emptiness unfilled, remaining connected through these holy days

lovingly remembering, joyfully treasuring, with deep gratitude, a precious gift

'There is nothing that can replace the absence of someone dear to us, and one should not even attempt to do so. One must simply hold out and endure it. At first that sounds very hard, but at the same time it is also a great comfort. For to the extent the emptiness truly remains unfilled one remains connected to the other person through it. It is wrong to say that God fills the emptiness. God in no way fills it but much more leaves it precisely unfilled and thus helps us preserve, even in pain, the authentic relationship. Furthermore, the more beautiful and full the remembrances, the more difficult the separation. But gratitude transforms the torment of memory into silent joy. One bears what was lovely in the past not as a thorn but as a precious gift deep within, a hidden treasure of which one can always be certain.' Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The holiday season is at times challenging for those among us who have lost dearly loved ones. It can be difficult to brace oneself having to navigate through even an anticipated grief burst.

In my case, this is often amidst waves of memories eliciting a myriad of unexpected emotions. While expected to celebrate along with others through various festivities at public events, one might find it debilitating to endure.

The experience may be particularly exacerbated for introverts when tasked with facing a situation in which their ability to cope is undoubtedly compromised. As one could imagine, for a single parent of six children whose varying temperaments provide for an interesting dynamic of relational interactions, the journey of a grieving family during certain anniversaries of shared events in remembrance makes for a tempered time of testing.

For you or someone you know who may find resonance in common with these sentiments, expressions of compassion and care acknowledging such experiences of humanity can be helpful through the ministry of presence with another in time of need. It is a priceless blessing to know that you are not alone as someone comes alongside you in your emotional and spiritual pilgrimage of solitude.

In faithful witness unto a holy God whose sovereign grace abounds in the midst of our trials, the Lords renewing tender mercies are a solace upon every mourning spent together in the Spirits presence. May the comfort and peace which surpasses understanding guard all hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord who heals and restores us to the praise of Gods glorious grace. With fond reminiscences of beloved ones onto eternity, we remain and continue to persevere in prayer through these holy days. Blessed to be raising blessings together with one another, in the loving grip of grace, I am

Pastor Rex

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